iPhone 8 Rumors

While the iPhone 7 has only been released for a few months, speculation and rumors are already flying hot on next year’s iPhone 8. Many people believe that the iPhone 8 will make a much bigger splash then the last few generations of the popular phone.  With the iPhone 8 release coinciding with the 10th… Read more »

Beta Testing Location Technology

As technology progresses, it has become more able to identify our location using different applications. Between the GPS navigation, geotags on Instagram, snapchat filters, and location tags on different status updates, our phone typically knows right where we are. On some mobile devices, you are able to share your location with contacts of your choice…. Read more »

Starbucks is Beta Testing Assistants

If you love the sweet smell of coffee in the morning, you’re going to love Starbucks latest feature that is currently being beta tested for their app. Since 2015, Starbucks has had an app called “Mobile and Pay” that allows users to place their order from the phone. Through this addition, customers could place their… Read more »

Android Beta Testing New Technology

Technology that talks back to us has become exceptionally common. From devices such as the Amazon Alexa to the Google Home, “smart speakers” have become gadgets that are highly sought after. Although the iPhone has Siri and Android has Cortana, Android is working towards improving the technology of Cortana and making it easier for mobile… Read more »