New Lab Hardware: HP Laptop, Samsung Galaxy S8 and More

We’ve added a bit more hardware to our ever-expanding QA lab inventory this month, including a refurbished HP laptop, a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and some new monitors. The S8 is a no-brainer (we actually picked it up a while back), since it represents one of the hottest phones on the market right now. The… Read more »

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows Phone 8.1

Are you currently using a smartphone that relies on the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system? If so, you’re going to want to either upgrade your device as quickly as you can or, if possible, update your phone to Windows 10 Mobile, because Microsoft just made a big announcement with regards to its older OS. As… Read more »

Study Finds Consumers Are Wary of Emerging Cyber Threats

Recent innovations in artificial intelligence, connected-home technologies and autonomous vehicle design are pretty exciting for scientists and software engineers, but consumers may still be hesitant to welcome these new technologies into their lives. That’s what IT consulting firm SQS found in a recent survey of consumer attitudes toward new technological developments. While many of the… Read more »