Microsoft Brings Windows 10 S Beta to the Masses

Windows 10 might be the preferred operating system of many PC owners today, but for users who want a simple, streamlined OS for a machine running low-end hardware, it’s not always the ideal choice. In recent years, Google has sought to occupy this niche with its lightweight Chrome OS. Although it’s not as powerful as… Read more »

New Lab Hardware: Windows PCs & an iPhone 8

Once again, we’ve added additional testing hardware to our QA labs, including a couple of new Windows PCs and our first iPhone 8. The iPhone is a no-brainer—we do a ton of mobile device testing, and most developers are keen on testing the latest Apple devices, given their high profile. We’ll doubtless add a couple… Read more »

Galaxy Note 8 Passes Torture Test With Flying Colors

Following the fiery debacle surrounding the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has a lot riding on the success of its latest phablet, the Note 8. With the exception of its high price point and a few minor technical quibbles, reviews of the phone have generally been very favorable. With a stunning AMOLED display, dual-lens camera and… Read more »

Microsoft Begins Beta Testing Eye Controls for Windows 10

On August 1, Microsoft announced that it was working with Swedish tech company Tobii to introduce an eye tracking feature to Windows 10 that allows users to control their PCs and mobile devices with their eyes, rather than a mouse and keyboard or touchscreen. Then, just a day later Microsoft introduced a beta version of… Read more »