Back from the Scrapyard

We often purchase new hardware to stay current but we’re not above cannibalizing systems that break down in the line of duty or even rebuilding them if enough components remain viable. We are continually adding new (and occasionally rebuilt) hardware to our inventory. One of our main compatibility testing systems (a Dell Alienware Aurora R3… Read more »

New Android Phones

We’ve just added several new Android mobile phones to our beta testing inventory: HTC 10 Google Pixel One Plus 3T Two of these phones (The HTC 10 and the T3) are Android 6 devices, while the Pixel XL is our first out-of-the-box Android 7 phone (our other Android 7 devices are upgrades from Android 6). … Read more »

Pinterest Improvements Being Beta Tested

Most mobile application publishers perform beta tests in order to ensure that their app is working correctly before updates are released to the public. Pinterest is a popular social network, specifically among women, that allows users to share food, fashion, fitness, and so forth. Pinterest is currently beta testing its latest update, Pinterest Lens, which… Read more »

Difference Between Professional Beta Testing and Public Beta Testing

There is a distinct difference between professional beta testing and conducting a public beta test. Knowing the difference between the two should be important as you decide what type of quality assurance you need to perfect your products. Public Beta Test Whether developing a complex enterprise business application or a simple website or app, many… Read more »