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Usability Testing Methodologies

While quality assurance testers have always provided usability testing feedback as “part and parcel” of their everyday QA testing, they have also begun to branch out and provide more specific feedback. As part of this, QA testers are employing some methodologies that differ from their usual QA testing practices: Specific, written, test instructions to be… Read more »

Top Testing Mistakes Made By Startup Companies

When it comes time to  quality assurance testing, many startup companies consider the idea of testing in-house. Why? Often because it seems like an ideal way to save time and money. And while this may be true when looking at short-term savings, the bugs and errors missed during in-house quality assurance testing can prove detrimental… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Quality Engineering

Everything You Need to Know About Quality Engineering

When we build an app or a website, we often focus solely on our quality assurance efforts. Yet, a successful product also relies on quality engineering. The two practices are often confused, but quality engineering is a distinct method that can enhance the overall quality and success of your product. Below we discuss everything you… Read more »

Why Creativity Is Important for Game Testing

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Software testing is hardly ever a static or strict discipline. Quality assurance engineers are encouraged to think outside the typical user flow in order to identify issues. In the world of game software quality assurance, this is especially true. Game systems are complex Game software will have many moving parts to it, no matter the… Read more »