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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your QA Testing

You won’t find many people arguing that quality assurance testing isn’t worth your time. After all, QA testing ensures that your product is as perfect as humanly possible once it’s delivered to your customers. Yet, while some companies may choose to have just one employee test their product, it’s often best to outsource their quality… Read more »

A Few New Laptops

Our laptop inventory has been getting a little long in the tooth, so we’ve begun to focus a bit more on beefing up our portable system configurations to ensure that we have a good mix of systems available to meet hardware compatibility QA needs: A Dell G3 3590 – Intel Core i7-9750H CPU, 8GB physical… Read more »

Usability Testing Methodologies

While we have always provided usability testing feedback as “part and parcel” of our everyday QA testing, we’ve recently begun to branch out and provide more specific feedback in this area; as part of this, we’ve started employing some methodologies that differ from our usual QA testing practices: Specific, written, test instructions to be followed… Read more »