Beta Testing Can Be Your Best Form of Marketing

If your company is launching a nBeta Testing Can Be Your Best Form of Marketingew product, beta testing that product could be a beneficial marketing move. Although you likely have a developed marketing plan, we highly suggest making beta testing your new product a part of it.

By conducting a beta test of your product prior to its release, you can identify your customers’ needs, develop a dedicated audience, create more conversation, and so forth.

Develop an Audience

When launching a new product, it can be difficult to tell if the product is going to do well and if your target audience is going to be interested in it.

  • If you encourage people to use your product before its release, through beta testing, you’ll expose your product to a larger audience and get more people interested from the start.

Many beta testers could even become customers if they are impressed with the product. Beta testing your product could help you gain a community of supporters, a result that can be difficult to achieve in a marketing campaign.

Starting Conversation

If you want to get people talking about your product, allowing people to beta test your product prior to the release is a guaranteed way to do so.

  • People that test the product are, without a doubt, going to talk about it.

If you feel confident in your product, (that it doesn’t have a tremendous amount of bugs during the beta phase) you can also invite industry influencers to take part in the test as well. Encourage them to share their thoughts on social media in order to gain publicity for your product.

Collect Beneficial Information

As you start to gain feedback from your beta testers, you can use the information to better understand your target audience.

  • Interviewing your beta testers might help you identify an audience that you weren’t planning to market to.

For instance, if millennial females respond well to your product, (which you maybe didn’t expect) you might find an audience that you otherwise would not have recognized through beta testing.

If you are looking for a way to improve your marketing campaign, beta testing your new product could very well be the answer.

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