Beta Breakers Usability Testing vs. Public Betas

Having been in business for more than three decades now, we have sometimes been asked about the difference between our usability reviews and public beta organizations. Our customers are surprised to hear that in most cases, our QA Engineers perform comprehensive usability reviews while concurrently completing both functionality and cross-platform compatibility testing. The reason is… Read more »

Four Characteristics That All Great Software Shares

There is much that goes into designing an incredible piece of software, and from coding to user interaction there is just as much to consider when it comes time to deem software ready for launch. When designing new software, whether it is an app, a website or a computer program, the creator obviously wants it… Read more »

Ensure Your New Software is Compatible with Old Hardware

At one point or another, we have all experienced software problems due to the age of our hardware. And while this incident happens to everyone, it is extraordinarily frustrating when it is happening to you, which is why Beta Breakers recommends having compatibility testing performed before the release of your newest software. What happens when… Read more »

Functionality vs. Usability Testing

For individuals unfamiliar with the quality assurance testing process, it may be difficult to distinguish between the phrases “functionality” and “usability”. But to a tester, these phrases mean two very different things and are two important – but completely separate – pieces of the QA testing process. What is Functionality Testing? Performed to ensure that… Read more »