What Has Changed with the Apple iOS 10 Update

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operation system, iOS 10, was released to the public in early September. Many Apple users eagerly downloaded the latest update, aweing at the option to send a confetti-filled message. Other users hesitated to download iOS 10, gawking that the slide-to-open feature did not survive the latest update. Whether you… Read more »

Apple’s App Store Changes

In a marketplace flooded with apps, even computer giants like Apple cannot afford to ignore one of the biggest indicators of an app’s success: user experience. Recently, the Apple Store underwent a serious redesign, based largely around the results of continuous user testing. Apple utilized user testing to assess the needs of the user, and… Read more »

What Makes Mobile Apps and Games Continuously Succeed

If you took a walk in a park, a mall, or even just down your street this summer, there’s a good chance you saw people playing Pokémon Go, the hit mobile app that reportedly provided Apple with a $3 billion boost in revenue. It had everyone trying to “catch ‘em all.” What you didn’t see… Read more »

Some Careers Were Not Prevalent Five Years Ago [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over this last decade, we have seen a tremendous drift in career choices. As we gain momentum in technological advances, the opportunity for creative careers in technology is increasing. Over the past five years alone, jobs have sprung up that previously did not exist. These jobs are unique and fit perfectly into the current technological,… Read more »