A Common Misconception: Software Testing Is Too Expensive

Software testing is something all companies should perform before releasing software products to the world. Unfortunately, many companies choose to forego software testing prior to putting out software products because of the perceived costs associated with it. These companies falsely predict that software testing will be too costly; however, the plain truth is comprehensive quality… Read more »

Why Localization Testing Is So Important

If you have a product you plan to make available in countries outside the United States, or even just in languages other than English, you already know you are going to have to do some translation. If the only thing you do toward making your software accessible to customers who speak another language is run… Read more »

The Best Way to Solve a Problem Is to Get Out in Front of It

History has shown us that there are bound to be problems that arise when you are undertaking a big project. This includes developing new software. Maybe your design team will miss a few deadlines, or maybe there will be setbacks in the development process. But the last place where you want to face any difficulties… Read more »

Rumors are Churning about iPhone 7’s Potential Features

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming release of the Apple iPhone 7. The newest members of the iPhone family are expected to be unveiled during the first half of September, and rumors about big changes to come are flying left and right. Read on to hear more about… Read more »