Three Reasons to Outsource Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance testing is often an overlooked piece of the software development process. Whereas both producers and developers may think their code is flawless, they are nearly always mistaken. Quality assurance testing ensures that your product is bug-free and ready for release. For small, local businesses outsourcing QA testing is a no-brainer, but many times… Read more »

Why a Professional, Well-Functioning Website Is Essential for Modern Businesses

Regardless of the size of your business, a professional, well-functioning website is a key component to your success. Almost everyone is on the Internet nowadays, and there are an endless number of online stores for your potential customers to choose from. Need more convincing that your company needs a website or an update? Here are… Read more »

Will Apps Replace Websites One Day?

With smart phones becoming the norm and more and more apps being released every day, people have begun to wonder if apps will replace websites altogether one day. Right now, most individuals use a combination of both – heading to the web browser on their computer or phone to get an answer from google, but… Read more »

What Questions Do We Look to Answer With Software Testing?

The question around software is not when it will break, but how. Software is complicated, with many moving parts, and as a result they are prone to errors, mistakes and things that just don’t work the way they were intended to. To help make sure your software is ready for public consumption, you should get… Read more »