Rumors are Churning about iPhone 7’s Potential Features

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming release of the Apple iPhone 7. The newest members of the iPhone family are expected to be unveiled during the first half of September, and rumors about big changes to come are flying left and right. Read on to hear more about… Read more »

Six Tips for a Successful Software Launch

A smooth and successful software launch does much more than just limit headaches around your office; it also influences the long-term success of your product. The product launch date may just be one day, but it is a day that involves extensive planning to ensure success. Here at Beta Breakers, we work closely with clients… Read more »

Using Automated Testing in Conjunction with Manual Testing

Recent years have seen a quality assurance solution grow in popularity. Automated testing is a type of quality assurance performed using a software program with scripts written by the tester. Automated testing re-runs test scenarios quickly and repeatedly, helping to efficiently gather large amounts of data in the shortest amount of time. Although automated testing… Read more »

Website Testing and Your Bounce Rates

Whether you are a small business owner or the president of a large corporation, you have heard the term “bounce rate” when your website is being discussed. Each page of your website has its own bounce rate, defined as “the percentage of single-page web sessions,” by Google. There are a wide range of factors that… Read more »