How Do You Know When Your Website or App Is Ready to Go Live?

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is launching their product, whether it is a new website or an app, before it is ready. These projects take time, careful planning and plenty of testing to succeed. And the chances of success greatly diminish if you launch before you are really ready. So how… Read more »

The Importance of a Test Plan

Using a test plan adds structure and accountability to your QA cycle. You know exactly what was tested and what’s working; but, more importantly, you know exactly what’s broken. Test plans can be as high-level or low-level as you need, but having one is critical to ensuring your application or website does what is promised…. Read more »

How Quality Assurance Can Help You Capture Repeat Business

There are many reasons to have quality assurance testing performed, two of the most important being customer satisfaction and repeat business. As a customer there is nothing more frustrating than a website, app or game that doesn’t work correctly, and as a business there are few things worse than an unhappy customer. Quality assurance is… Read more »

How a Slow Loading Website Can Spell Disaster

From watching television to paying bills, shopping for gifts and catching up on the news, the Internet is used for a wide array of activities nowadays. Whether you are trying to order take out on your way home from work or are sending an e-gift card to your best friend for their birthday, it is… Read more »