Mobile Device Beta Testing: Emulators or Actual Devices

When it comes to beta testing on mobile devices, many software quality assurance professionals have argued the merits of using emulators versus actual devices. Like most things, there isn’t any one single, simple answer, which shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone familiar with the world of software development. It is analogous to asking which… Read more »

No Money and No Time, but Test Anyway…

We’re often faced with the task of providing software quality assurance for a product that, by the time it has been handed to us, is over budget and behind schedule. Diatribes about the importance of thorough testing fall on deaf ears (often those deaf ears belong to “number crunchers” who are too short-sighted to realize… Read more »

Third Party Software Quality Assurance and Agile Development

Given the popularity of agile development, it is no surprise that we get regular requests to provide beta testing support in an agile environment. Often, the prospective client will express concern about how well third-party quality assurance can integrate into an agile environment. That is a legitimate concern, and one with which we concerned ourselves… Read more »

How Much To Automate In Software Quality Assurance

As one of our recent posts attests, the automation of quality assurance should be approached cautiously and critically. It’s common sense that you should never just assume that you can automate everything. Based on a risk and cost analysis, you will first want to have a good idea of which parts of your software are… Read more »