What Makes Great Software?

In the technology and information age, companies across the country are battling each other to get the newest and most innovative software to the market. But what separates successful software from the rest of the pack? Generally speaking, successful software is the kind that’s reliable and easy-to-use. Furthermore, great software offers features people need and… Read more »

Browser Statistics

Browser Statistics As a departure from our usual blog topics of software testing concerns and methodology, let’s talk a little bit about where we get some of the statistics that we use in our work. One of the more common topics that comes up in our labs when scoping out website testing is, “What browsers… Read more »

Hardware Statistics

Here’s another article that differs a bit from our usual software testing blogs: hardware statistics. It can be a dry topic, but it is one that comes up quite a bit in our labs. Many of our clients are developing applications that have meaningful hardware requirements that need to be met, and in some cases… Read more »

The Role of the Testing Lab

A lot of useful testing can be performed by a single tester working on a single computer. Indeed, a component of almost every test effort at Beta Breakers is to have a tester spend a good deal of time exercising the software under test on a single configuration. Doing so allows the tester to get… Read more »