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Importance of Online Shopping Experience

If you’re a business that sells products online, you’ve hopefully spent a lot of time navigating your website, experimenting with text and images, and going through the checkout process. If you haven’t and you’ve noticed a low percentage of sales, it’s likely because the online shopping experience on your website is poor and customers are… Read more »

Facebook Introduces Workplace with Good Results

Most companies do not want employees surfing social media outlets at work while on the clock. However, Facebook recently developed a business platform intended specifically for  companies and their employees called “Workplace.” Workplace ran an 18-month beta test with about 1,000 companies before it was rolled out and officially launched to the public in October…. Read more »

Google Rollouts Android Nougat 7.1

Google released the beta version of the Android Nougat 7.1 to developers with Nexus devices last week and (some of) the results are in. Android Nougat is a refresh of Google’s operating system. Although it has not been implemented onto every device yet, it’s good to be aware of what changes are coming and learn… Read more »

What Has Changed with the Apple iOS 10 Update

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operation system, iOS 10, was released to the public in early September. Many Apple users eagerly downloaded the latest update, aweing at the option to send a confetti-filled message. Other users hesitated to download iOS 10, gawking that the slide-to-open feature did not survive the latest update. Whether you… Read more »