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Taking a Leap

Both Android and iOS devices are commonly updated through OTA (over the air) cellular or WiFi connections. However, if you are an early adopter and tempted to jump to the latest versions, you should be prepared for problems. Make sure you have a backup before you begin. Having a PC or Mac nearby when you… Read more »

Home Security?

With the ubiquity of WiFi in American households, consumers are gaining savviness for connecting more of their lives to the online world. Products such as thermostats, lighting, and home appliances will continue to gain footholds in US homes. These new-found conveniences also bring with them new vulnerabilities as recently experienced by the distributed denial of… Read more »

Importance of Online Shopping Experience

If you’re a business that sells products online, you’ve hopefully spent a lot of time navigating your website, experimenting with text and images, and going through the checkout process. If you haven’t and you’ve noticed a low percentage of sales, it’s likely because the online shopping experience on your website is poor and customers are… Read more »

Voice-activated Products Are On the Rise

Voice-Activated Technology

Voice-activated products such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home will likely become a common find in the modern home. The convenience of owning one is indisputable and very affordable. The ease of use of these products is constantly improving as well. With the prevalence of WiFi-connected devices in the home, a homeowner could command functions… Read more »