Creativity Is One of the Most Important Elements of Testing Game Software

Game TestingGenerally speaking, software testing is never really considered a static and strict discipline. Quality assurance engineers are encouraged to think outside the typical user flow in order to identify issues. In the world of game software quality assurance, this is doubly true. Typically, game software will have a lot of moving parts to it – a lot of systems that interact and build off of each other.

While it is important to test the critical path that you will expect your users to follow, due to the complexity of most game systems, it is imperative for the test team to test outside the box.

They need to really push not only individual systems, but also how the systems work together as well. For this kind of testing, you generally can’t rely on test scripts or test plans. Instead, you need to rely on your quality assurance team’s understanding of your software and creativity.

This kind of out-of-the-box boundary testing will frequently uncover defects that tend to get found once your product goes live. When you release a video game, your user base almost always ends up doing things you never intended. This can cause issues that range from balance and pacing problems as they play your game, or possibly even crashes that can reflect poorly on the quality and reputation of your product.

Here at Beta Breakers, many of our quality assurance engineers have a background working on games, including mobile apps, console games, as well as PC desktop games. We are very familiar with this style of testing and would be happy to discuss with you how we can apply this experience to your product!

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