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IBM Files Patent for Blockchain-Based App Testing System

The encrypted peer-to-peer data management technology that has facilitated the growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may soon power IBM’s application testing program as well. On Tuesday April 3, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published the company’s patent application which outlines “a blockchain test configuration” designed to “provide a simple and secure infrastructure for testing… Read more »

Some Careers Were Not Prevalent Five Years Ago [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over this last decade, we have seen a tremendous drift in career choices. As we gain momentum in technological advances, the opportunity for creative careers in technology is increasing. Over the past five years alone, jobs have sprung up that previously did not exist. These jobs are unique and fit perfectly into the current technological,… Read more »

How Does Beta Breakers Acquire Such Great Software Testers?

The backbone of any good software testing company is its testers. These are the professionals who are “in the trenches” so to speak and are tasked with the pressure-filled job of finding bugs in software and communicating them clearly to the development team. They must not just understand but internalize the necessity for thoroughly exercising… Read more »

The Importance of Closely Maintaining the Bugbase

Much is made of source and revision control in software development, and rightfully so.  When bad code is implemented and breaks the application, the app needs to be rolled back to a working state.  But what about bugs and issue tracking?  The process for submitting and tracking the flow of issues discovered during development is… Read more »