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Hulu Steps Up Streaming Game

In the past few years, cable TV has grown incredibly expensive for the average American. As a result, services such as Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and so forth have become increasingly popular for people that want to watch cable TV but aren’t willing, or don’t have the cash that it takes. Hulu will soon be offering… Read more »

Is Virtual Reality a Passing Fad?

Virtual reality is the latest tech fad to sweep the industry: most everyone has at least heard of how immersive an experience it can be. However, at a fairly steep price for entry, is this something that will ever gain lasting traction with consumers? And is it something that should be considered for compatibility with… Read more »

Beta Testing Sony’s PlayStation 4 Update

Although beta testing is often associated with mobile phones, beta testing is also done for video games and gaming systems. When video games and gaming systems are released, they often have bugs and performance issues just as mobile phone systems do. Video game related software is also beta tested to ensure they are working at… Read more »