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Importance of Beta Testing

It is no secret that we firmly believe beta testing is important. Whether you are launching a website, a new app, or a new mobile device, it is important that your product is tested beforehand. Not only will you guarantee customer satisfaction when your technology goes public but you’ll save yourself a lot of time… Read more »

New Config Board

We’re building a new config board for our QA labs. Config boards are systems that are intended to be used mainly in compatibility testing efforts, with robust power supplies and lots of room to accommodate a range of different-sized components, such as high-end video cards.  We use these systems mainly for testing compatibility with different… Read more »

Mobile QA: Making Sure it Works

According to coverage of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from The Verge, Apple is getting ready to make some major changes when it comes to their beloved Siri. Until now, Siri has been its own entity that could not interact with other apps on your phone. So, for example, if you wanted Siri to pay… Read more »