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Understanding the Importance of Mobile Device Testing

Not long ago, desktop computers were most people‚Äôs only portals to the Internet. But in the last decade, consumers have gained access to tablets, smartphones and a host of other connected devices that have changed the way we navigate the Internet landscape. In 2015, Google announced that more than half of all search queries worldwide… Read more »

A Common Misconception: Software Testing Is Too Expensive

Software testing is something all companies should perform before releasing software products to the world. Unfortunately, many companies choose to forego software testing prior to putting out software products because of the perceived costs associated with it. These companies falsely predict that software testing will be too costly; however, the plain truth is comprehensive quality… Read more »

Six Tips for a Successful Software Launch

A smooth and successful software launch does much more than just limit headaches around your office; it also influences the long-term success of your product. The product launch date may just be one day, but it is a day that involves extensive planning to ensure success. Here at Beta Breakers, we work closely with clients… Read more »