Functionality Testing bannercircles

It’s great that your product is new and cool, but does it actually work? From basic commands to clean audio and video, from graphics to grammar, everything must look and function properly.

“Our quality assurance methodologies and storied history make us the perfect functionality testing partner.”
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Automated Testing bannercircles

Can your manual test strategy keep up with today’s agile, CI/CD dev environments? For elegant and efficient test automation solutions, we are the industry leaders, period.

"Over the past 4 years, Beta Breakers Quality Assurance Labs has become one of the most talented and efficient resources for Quality Engineering."
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Website Testing bannercircles

Bad news spreads like wildfire on the Internet. All you need is one or two frustrated web surfers spreading the word that your site doesn’t work and sooner than you can say “click here”...

"Testing a website for functional compliance may be achieved by the use of well-written test scripts and/or ad hoc testing coverage."
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Mobile Device Testing bannercircles

Are your applications and websites as mobile as you are? Today’s world is increasingly mobile. Mobile technology in general is growing in popularity at an exponential rate.

"Our software testers are experts in mobile app testing methodologies. Logging 1000+ hours of testing on a wide range of devices."
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Beta Breakers Quality Assurance Testing Labs has been serving the software industry for more than 30 years.

Over this period, our testing methodologies have been honed to perfection. Our quality assurance testing software services are thorough and affordable on any budget. You owe it to yourself to include us in your quality assurance process.

We are committed to helping your business succeed. For more information on our software quality assurance labs and application testing services, contact us today.

Building an in-house quality assurance infrastructure is expensive. And if you do not have enough full-time QA work, you are wasting development budget.  Why not partner with Beta Breakers and leverage our labs only when there is work to be done?  When you’re between builds/releases, your QA costs will be zero!

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All services performed in the United States.



"Because of the breadth of their skills, tools and processes, Beta Breakers is our go-to testing partner, especially for browser-based projects and mobile apps. Our relationship with Beta Breakers is such that we have tightly integrated them into our agile teams and work with them as if they were sitting right next to us - even though they are 2,700 miles away from our main development center."

-     Brightcove: www.brightcove.com

Scripps Networks


"Beta Breakers has served a manual testing need for my team for many years.  They gain system knowledge quickly and pair the right expertise for the types of teams I need to staff.  Our schedules change frequently and my account manager is both understanding and flexible.  We also leverage Beta Breakers' expertise around mobile testing and their comprehensive device library.  This is essential in developing new apps, and as more and more of our website traffic comes to us by way of tablets and handsets."

-     Scripps Networks: www.scrippsnetworks.com

Snap On, Inc.


“We have worked with Beta Breakers on several projects over the past few years.  They have always demonstrated good technical skills and been responsive to our needs.”

-     Snap-on, Inc.: www.snapon.com

Trek Bicycle Corporation


“Working with Beta Breakers has been a fantastic experience; from smoothly integrating into our development process to being flexible as our needs change. The dedication, thoroughness, and passion of their employees is second to none.  Beta Breakers is a partner we can count on.”

-     Trek Bicycle Corporation: www.trekbikes.com

The Charles Schwab Foundation

"Working with Beta Breakers has been as easy and straightforward as we could have imagined. The consistent quality of their work has earned them our highest respect and regular repeat performances."

-     The Charles Schwab Foundation: www.schwabfoundation.org

Oracle Corporation


"Beta Breakers did an excellent job in testing our web-based training courses. They are well-equipped with professional staff and the best practices."

-     Oracle Corporation: www.oracle.com

Cisco Systems, Inc.


"I give Beta Breakers my highest recommendation for any business seeking a cost-effective, quality, and timely solution for getting their software products tested. Their highly professional test teams have been instrumental in the success of our projects over the last decade and I'm sure will be for years to come."

-     Cisco Systems, Inc.: www.cisco.com

LeapFrog Enterprises


"The helpful and friendly people at Beta Breakers helped develop our Quality Assurance strategy including creating a test plan and identifying useful test tools in addition to providing the testing resources we needed to launch our web-compatible toys and website."

-     LeapFrog Enterprises: www.leapfrog.com


"Whenever we have a new consumer-facing feature, we can rely on Beta Breakers to ramp up a very capable team. The Beta Breakers team reviews our functionality, writes the test plans, and proceeds to uncover our bugs with incredible detail. The bug reports are the most detailed we have ever seen, complete with reproduction steps and screen shots. The most remarkable feature of Beta Breakers is that the Beta Breakers team becomes as passionate about our product as we are. Beta Breakers has become one of our most relied upon vendors in the Engineering department."

-     Wine.com: www.wine.com



"Working with Beta Breakers was a very positive experience. They set up the scope for a testing plan and then implemented the plan, keeping the testing on time and on budget. They did a thorough job of documenting the problems, which aided our programmers in all their fixes, and they worked well with our internal QA department. I felt that they tackled a technically complex project with front-end, back-end connectivity and issues of data assessment and were flexible in working with us to make sure the project was thoroughly tested and out the door in good shape. All in all, a great work experience."

-     Sapient: www.sapient.com

Indie Film Funding


"Working with Beta Breakers should be a mandatory requirement for any company launching a website.  The amount of errors they found in our programming, which we fixed before our launch, gave us a successful platform we were proud to show the world, rather than a broken failed embarrassment."

-     Indie Film Funding

Advanced Driver Education, Products and Training, Inc. (ADEPT)

“We consider Beta Breakers an integral part of our development team.  Highly professional, competent, flexible and reliable are the words that come immediately to mind.  We look forward to continue working with the company and give them our heartiest recommendation.”

-     Advanced Driver Education, Products and Training, Inc. (ADEPT): www.adeptdriver.com


“We never do a product launch without Beta Breakers. They find bugs we’d never find. They carefully document when the user experience doesn’t behave as they’d expect.  That helps us make the best possible product for the people we serve. Beta Breakers is a reliable, responsive, flexible, and helpful partner. We rest more easily knowing that Beta Breakers has rigorously tested our products.”

-     HopeLab:  www.hopelab.org

Software Secure

"These guys get it and get it right!"

-     Software Secure: www.softwaresecure.com


"After all of the time and money we invest in developing a website for our clients, we want to make sure there are no technical glitches or surprises that will spoil the effort. Beta Breakers gives us peace of mind that we are delivering a completely polished and stable product. Given how close we are to our projects, we couldn't do this quality check without them. They are fresh eyes and very thorough reviewers, and every time, we have been thankful to have them on the case!"

-     HealthEd: www.healthed.com


Tastebook Logo

"We trust Beta Breakers to test new features and ensure that our end-to-end service is ready for our customers. Beta Breakers goes beyond the status quo of testing, they are exception-minded and very thorough providing useful feedback and asking questions that make them an invaluable part of our team. Building a personal cookbook is even easier thanks to their work on our site."

-     Tastebook

Autonomic Technologies


“We knew we needed our Windows application verified on dozens of hardware and operating system combinations, to ensure that nobody in our broad customer base would be disappointed. A friend recommended Beta Breakers for the task, and we're really glad that they did. Beta Breakers was methodical, cost-effective and reliable every step of the way. We will definitely use them again.”

-     Autonomic Technologies

Frog Design


"Frog's experience with Beta Breakers was exceptional. We found the service highly effective and efficient. They had the hardware necessary to facilitate the diverse testing we needed in order to ensure a quality product upon launch. Their professional staff was always available and accommodating even on a moment's notice. Without a doubt we will use Beta Breakers again and again."

-     Frog Design

Sonic Solutions

"Beta Breakers has been key to increasing our throughput with configuration and application testing in the final weeks of release. We've found them to be very responsive and flexible, and we'll be using their services on a regular basis."

-     Sonic Solutions: www.sonic.net

Roger CPA Review

“Beta Breakers’ staff is professional and consistently delivers the highest quality, timely work product. We continue to contract with Beta Breakers for our testing needs because of these reasons. I highly recommend their work!”

-     Roger CPA Review:  www.rogercpareview.com

inVentiv Health


"The team at Beta Breakers: they are simply the best. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, or how large the site is, whether it’s mobile or desktop, insanely large, or even a one-pager, the team is always ready to tackle the project and we have always been satisfied with their results.”

-     inVentiv Health

Design Media

“Design Media has enjoyed a long-standing working relationship with the team at Beta Breakers. They are very responsive, flexible and their approach is thorough, with true consideration for the clients' product QA needs and budgets. They make great partners!”

-     Design Media: www.designmedia.com


“Beta Breakers is our go-to resource for quality assurance testing.  They offer thorough and complete results with detailed reporting every time.  Beyond bug reporting, the team excels at overall usability testing and makes excellent recommendations for improving the overall digital experience.”

-     Omelet: www.omeletla.com

The Electron Shop


“Our focus as an outsourced Chief Digital Officer means that we are developing a wide variety of applications for consumption on multiple screens and devices.  We rely on Beta Breakers throughout our development process, so that the client and end user experience is flawless.  Beta Breakers gives us the confidence that we’re producing great work and satisfied customers.  They are professional, reliable, efficient and collaborative.  Put all this together; we can’t give a better recommendation.”

-     The Electron Shop


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