If you are visiting this page, you obviously have some understanding for the need to properly test a software product but may still have a few reservations before requesting a quote.  Here at Beta Breakers, we have encouraged our customers to ask themselves a few questions to help them make a good decision:

Q1: How confident am I that my software product is functionally bug-free?

To be perfectly honest, the pure nature of software development dictates that “there is always another bug”; however, the idea is to catch the lion’s share of the issues before launch and certainly to find ALL of the “showstoppers”.  If you hire Beta Breakers, we will make sure to uncover and clearly report the issues that your customers would surely find otherwise.

Q2: Do I know that it will work on all of the marketplace configurations I plan to support?  If I am optimized for mobile, will it work across the myriad of iOS and Android devices?

OK, this is a tough question.  Most companies simply do not have the laboratory facilities to properly test a website or application on all of the operating systems and/or browsers (if applicable) out there.  If you are optimized for mobile devices, the task becomes more daunting.  Here at Beta Breakers, we have both the lab facilities to simulate your marketplace conditions and the expertise to test your product against that environment.  If you are optimized for mobile, we have in our labs the physical devices needed to thoroughly test your product for mobile compliance.

Q3: OK, I think I understand the need to test, but can I afford it?

While it is true that our contracts range from “very little” to “quite a lot”, most of our projects come in at just a few thousand dollars.  The reason is that our QA Engineers are an efficient group of testers and can analyze and test a product in a surprisingly short time.

The final question is posed by us to you: How much do you have invested in the application and what price can you put on the loss of credibility if you release with bugs?

This may seem like a difficult question at first glance but the answer is usually an easy one.  Undeniably, buggy software products cause customers to lose trust.  A potential customer of yours is likely to stop using your product if he/she feels as though the functionality is compromised.  That mistrust is magnified if your product includes ecommerce functionality because then, personal data and credit card information is involved.

The answer to “Why Test?” is simple.  You have invested a lot of time and money into developing your product and must launch to the public in the best condition possible.  For a fraction of the cost to develop the application, you can send it through the labs of Beta Breakers, collect invaluable data into deficiencies, repair them and then launch with confidence.