When it comes to quality assurance testing, computers can only do so much. Sometimes, you need a human to go through your application and find what computers and automated testing software can’t. Exploratory testing is a form of manual testing that requires creativity and expert knowledge in order to uncover potential bugs and problems.


What Is Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory testing is an informal, manual test that is performed by a quality assurance tester. That tester will go through your software freely and naturally, with no structured steps that they need to follow. At first glance, exploratory testing appears random and unscripted, but in reality, it requires in-depth knowledge of the program to know where to look for bugs. Testers will set boundaries, targets, and end-goals, and then document all actions they take for them to be reproduced later.


The Advantages of Exploratory Testing

At Beta Breakers, we have always believed in the benefits of automated testing. But we also understand that automated testing can only get you so far. In order to have a near-flawless product, you need to combine automated testing procedures with manual testing procedures such as exploratory testing.


Below are just some of the many advantages exploratory testing can bring:

  • Uncover various bugs, problems, and issues that automated testing may overlook
  • Decreased test prep time
  • Real-time decision making
  • Easy to adapt and optimize to your application
  • Results can be used for future testing

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