DevOps and Continuous Testing

DevOps is a quality engineering method that merges software development and operations. It is not a standard QE test, but a change to how your organization functions. DevOps removes the barriers between development and operation teams to create more effective and efficient quality engineering testing. It brings about a cultural shift that encourages, further collaboration, quality, and response rate.   

Making DevOps work depends on implementing three kinds of continuous testing:

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration involves creating a shared repository where developers can integrate code changes multiple times in one day. As those changes are entered into the repository, an automated test verifies the changes and catches any issues that those potential changes may cause.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery takes the changes made during the continuous integration phase and then pushes them out to users quickly and sustainably. This entire process is nearly all automated. The only manual part involved is when testers approve and initiate those changes being delivered to users.

Continuous Deployment

Similar to continuous delivery, continuous deployment will push out the changes made during the continuous integration phrase to the public. The difference is that continuous deployment does not require manual approval, instead taking any changes made to the source code and automatically sending it out to users.

DevOps and continuous testing are all about removing barriers and continuously testing your application to ensure the best end-product possible. Here at Beta Breakers, we are the premier choice for DevOps and continuous testing solutions with all work done within the United States. To learn more, contact us today.