The Premier Choice for Continuous Integration Test Solutions

While proficient in the industry’s standard development, testing, and deployment technologies, Beta Breakers provides custom solutions catering to the unique problem space of our clients. Our team is fluent in, but not limited to, some of the tech climate’s most utilized languages such as:

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Javascript/Coffeescript
  • HTML/Jade
  • CSS/Stylus
  • SQL
  • Lua
  • Pascal
  • Bash

We possess extensive working knowledge of all the latest TDD/BDD tools and practices. Leveraging frameworks such as Appium, Selenium, and Rest-Assured, we write elegant, high-level test cases in the form of user stories through the use of the Cucumber framework. Beta Breakers QE Engineers compose visually ergonomic test reporting and customized result-driven notification directives for all of our test suites. We strongly believe that our broad, in-depth knowledge of QE industry standards and tools sets us apart from any other automation services resource in the world.

In addition to our expertise in the QE industry, we believe there are several other assets that serve to set us apart:

30 years of expertise

Beta Breakers has been in business for more than 30 years now. We have always offered computer-related services and have been in the QA/QE space for 25 years.

A lab-based organization

Our system labs are replete with all manner of technology from the latest hardware to legacy systems. Our QE libraries are comprised of all of the tools necessary to address our clients’ stringent demands.

A US-Based company

Beta Breakers is not a façade for an offshore or even nearshore QE resource.  All of our services are performed by our own in-house, full-time staff and in our facilities here in Northern California.

Top-quality customer service

We are highly communicative. Our customers routinely praise us for our ability to communicate well with them as we collaborate on projects. In a nutshell, “we are nice guys!”

There simply is no substitute for the quality and efficiency of a Beta Breakers automation team.  Contact us by completing the form or calling and we will prove it. All services performed in the United States.