We live in an increasingly global and interconnected world. When you create a website or application, chances are that people across the world will be using your software. Globalization testing can ensure that your application is compatible across cultures and regions.

What Is Globalization Testing?

Globalization testing casts a much wider net than localization testing. Where localization testing creates different versions of your application for specific regions and localities, globalization testing keeps just one version for everyone in the world. It checks to ensure that one version is compatible no matter which culture or region a person lives in. It also ensures that your application can be used with various languages.

What Are the Advantages of Globalization Testing?

Your application should be compatible and easy to use for everyone, no matter where they live. Globalization testing is the best way to ensure this happens. It also has many other benefits, including the following:

  • Can detect design problems for people living in other areas of the world
  • Allows your software to be used with multiple languages
  • Improves quality and performance no matter where in the world your application is used
  • Makes your application adaptable to cultures, regions, languages, environments, time zones, and more

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