Many different professional industries engage our quality assurance services for testing their software and websites.

We at Beta Breakers Quality Assurance Labs believe that every industry, no matter how big or small, can benefit from software quality assurance testing.

With over 30 years in the quality assurance business, Beta Breakers has worked with almost every industry for website and software testing, including the following:

Branding Agencies

Digital marketing can only make an impact if the graphics, visuals, and audio that they rely upon to draw customers in works as it should. Beta Breakers provides software testing for branding agencies in order to optimize the efficacy of their work.

Web Development

Web developers know how much time and effort is required into building a functional website. However, by being so close to a project, developers can easily overlook small mistakes in the code. Quality assurance testing can find any problem areas that a web developer may not have caught throughout the process.

Healthcare and Medical

Keeping medical software up to date with the latest testing and standards is paramount in providing patients with the proper care. At Beta Breakers, our methodologies for healthcare software testing can drastically improve the patient-centric software experience.


Whether it be websites or eBooks, schools are increasingly relying on digital tools to help teach the next generation. Building a strong curriculum, then, requires that the software you use is functional and up to date.


The games that we play on our computers or smartphones need to be thoroughly tested in order to provide the entertainment that customers expect. We at Beta Breakers can help game developers with functionality testing, test plan writing, individualized bug databases, and more.

Business & Finance

The financial industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in our society. As such, the software that they use must be closely monitored to check for any possible security issues.

Retail & E-Commerce

Online shopping has become more convenient than ever before. As convenient as it may be, however, there are also many security risks that retailers must be ready to combat. To keep their customers’ personal information protected, retailers can use software testing to ensure that their software is airtight.

Beta Breakers can help your business develop seamless and secure software. Contact us today to learn more.

All services performed in the United States.