Whether you’re releasing a new website or an update for an app, functionality testing is a critical component of your release.

Simply put, functionality testing checks the functions of your application, ensuring that all are working as they should.

functionality testing steps

Performing such a test is crucial to the overall success of your product. Here’s why:

It ensures a product performs as it should

When customers receive a product, they expect it to perform as advertised. By checking each function of the application, functionality testing ensures that a software performs as it should once it is delivered to the end user.

A functionality test is done from the perspective of the user

An application must be tested on how it would perform in a real-world situation. Functionality testing accomplishes this by testing from a customer or user’s point-of-view. This ensure that customer requirements such as working buttons or links are always met before an application is released to those customers.

It analyzes individual pieces to check that they all work together properly

The weakest point in any application is where individual parts come together to perform a certain task. By checking these individual pieces, functionality testing can find any weak areas of the integration points and fix them before being released to customers.

At Beta Breakers Quality Assurance Labs, we can perform functionality testing to any software application. Contact us today to learn more! All services performed in the United States.