When programming an app, you want to reach a wide audience and maximize the performance of your application with a wide range of devices. This can vary between the newest phones to hit the market to phones a few years old. With so many different smartphones available and currently in use, it is important to program an app that works effectively with many different types of hardware and many different operating systems. Our mobile device application quality assurance testing includes dozens of different types of phones and different operating systems, so your app works for all of your customers.

Different operating systems may interpret or display your app differently depending on its programming. This interface determines whether your customers approve of your app and share with others, or whether they find the experience confusing and try something else instead. If an OS or particular brand or model does not work with your app, customers will leave bad reviews and will leave your potential market, even though your app may work perfectly with other devices. We test your app at every level on all of the most popular mobile devices, including iPhone models and iOS, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Google and Android OS, Blackberry and RIM OS, Windows OS and Symbian OS.

Before you make your app available, make sure it is accessible to all customers. Contact us today by completing the form for mobile device application quality assurance testing.


PhoneOperating System
iPhone 12 Pro MaxiOS 14
iPhone 12iOS 14.5
iPhone 12 MiniiOS 14
iPhone 11 Pro MaxiOS 14.5
iPhone 11iOS 13.1.3
iPhone XS MaxiOS 12.2
iPhone XSiOS 14
iPhone XRiOS 14
iPhone XiOS 14
iPhone SE 2iOS 14.0.1
iPhone 8 PlusiOS 14
iPhone 8 PlusiOS 13.7
iPhone 8iOS 14.0.1
iPhone 7 PlusiOS 14.4.1
iPhone 7iOS 13.1
iPhone 7iOS 12.0.1
iPhone 6S PlusiOS 14.4.1
iPhone 6 PlusiOS 12.4.1
iPhone 6 PlusiOS 11
iPhone 6 PlusiOS 12.4.1
iPhone 6SiOS 14
iPhone 6SiOS 13.1
iPhone 6iOS 12.0.1
iPhone SEiOS 14.4.1
iPhone SEiOS 13
iPhone 5SiOS 11
iPhone 5SiOS 10.3.3
iPhone 5CiOS 10.3.3
iPhone 5iOS 10.3.3
iPhone 5iOS 9.3.5
iPhone 5iOS 8.3
iPhone 5iOS 8.2
iPhone 5iOS 7.1.2
iPhone 4SiOS 9.3.5
iPhone 4SiOS 9.3.5
iPhone 4SiOS 8.4.1
iPhone 4iOS 7.1.2
iPhone 4iOS 7.1.2
iPhone 4iOS 7.1.2
iPhone 3GSiOS 4.3.1
iPhone 3GiOS 3.1.3
Samsung Galaxy S20+Android 11
Samsung Galaxy S10Android 10
Samsung Galaxy S10Android 10
Samsung Galaxy S9+Android 9
Samsung Galaxy S9Android 10
Samsung Galaxy S8Android 8
Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeAndroid 7
Samsung Galaxy S7Android 8
Samsung Galaxy S6Android 7
Samsung Galaxy S5Android 6.0.1
Samsung Galaxy S4Android 5.0.1
Samsung Galaxy S IIIAndroid 4.3
Samsung Galaxy S IIAndroid 4.1.2
Samsung Galaxy Note 10Android 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 9Android 8.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 8Android 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 4Android 6.0.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 3Android 5
Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid 4.2.2
Samsung Galaxy A50Android 10
Samsung Galaxy A20Android 9.0
Samsung Galaxy A10eAndroid 9.0
Samsung Galaxy J7Android 7
Google Pixel 5Android 11
Google Pixel 4Android 11
Google Pixel 3XLAndroid 10
Google Pixel 3.2Android 10
Google Pixel 3.1Android 9
Google Pixel 2Android 11
Google PixelAndroid 9
LG G7 ThinQAndroid 10
LG G4Android 6
LG G3Android 6
LG G2Android 4.3.1
LG V10Android 5.1.1
LG Optimus G ProAndroid 4.1.2
LG Optimus TAndroid 2.2.2
LG Nexus 5XAndroid 8.1
LG Nexus 5Android 4.4.2
LG Nexus 4Android 4.4
LG K3Android 6.0.1
HTC 10Android 8
HTC One M8Android 6
HTC One M8Android 6
HTC One XAndroid 4.1.1
HTC OneAndroid 4.4.2
HTC ThunderboltAndroid 2.3.4
HTC Droid DNAAndroid 4.1.1
HTC EVO 4GAndroid 2.3.3
One Plus 8TAndroid 11
One Plus 6Android 10
One Plus 3TAndroid 8
Motorola Moto G PowerAndroid 10
Motorola Moto G6Android 8
Motorola Nexus 6Android 7.1.1
Motorola Moto XAndroid 5.1
Motorola Droid Razr MaxxAndroid 4.1.2
Motorola Droid XAndroid 2.2.1
Motorola AtrixAndroid 2.3.6
Huawei Nexus 6PAndroid 8.1
Xiaomi Mi 5Android 8
Sony Xperia Z5Android 7.1.1
Blackberry Q10Blackberry 10.1
Blackberry StyleBlackberry 6.0
Nokia Lumina 920Windows 8.0


TabletOperating System
iPad Pro (Gen 4)iPadOS 14.4
iPad Pro (Gen 1)iPadOS 14.3
iPad Pro (Gen 1)iPadOS 13.1
iPad Mini (Gen 5)iPadOS 14
iPad Mini (Gen 4)iPadOS 14.2.2
iPad Mini (Gen 4)iPadOS 13.2.2
iPad Mini (Gen 3)iOS 12.0.1
iPad Mini (Gen 3)iOS 11.4.1
iPad Mini (Gen 2)iOS 11.4.1
iPad Mini (Gen 2)iOS 10.3.3
iPad Mini (Gen 1)iOS 7
iPad Mini (Gen 1)iOS 6.1.3
iPad Air (Gen 4)iPadOS 14.4
iPad Air (Gen 2)iPadOS 13.1
iPad Air (Gen 1)iOS 12
iPad (Gen 8, 2020)iPadOS 14.0.1
iPad (Gen 6, 2018)iPadOS 13.1
iPad (Gen 5, 2017)iPadOS 13.5.1
iPad (Gen 4)iOS 10.3.3
iPad (Gen 4)iOS 9.3.5
iPad (Gen 4)iOS 9.3.5
iPad (Gen 4)iOS 8.0.2
iPad (Gen 3)iOS 9.3.5
iPad (Gen 3)iOS 9.3.5
iPad (Gen 3)iOS 8.3
iPad (Gen 2)iOS 9.3.5
iPad (Gen 2)iOS 5.1.1
iPad (Gen 2)iOS 4.3.3
iPad (Gen 1)iOS 5.0.1
iPad (Gen 1)iOS 4.3.0
iPad (Gen 1)iOS 3.2.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7Android 11
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4Android 10
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3Android 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2Android 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4Android 6.0.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab EAndroid 6.0.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7Android 10
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1Android 9
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1Android 4.1.2
Samsung Galaxy TabAndroid 2.3.5
Samsung Nexus 10Android 5.1.1
Google Pixel CAndroid 8.1
HTC Nexus 9Android 7.1.1
HTC Nexus 9Android 7.1.1
LG G Pad 8.3Android 4.4.2
Asus ZenPad 8Android 7
Asus Nexus 7Android 5.1.1
Asus Transformer Pad TF300%Android 4.2.1
Amazon Kindle Fire (Gen 1)FireOS 6.3.4
Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Gen 2.5)FireOS 8.5.1
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (Gen 3)FireOS
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 (Gen 6)FireOS
nVidia Shield TabletAndroid 7
nVidia Shield Tablet K1Android 7
Huawei MediaPad M3Android 6
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3Android 6.0.1
Lenovo Tab M8Android 9
Motorola XoomAndroid 3
Ainol Novo 7 PaladinAndroid 4.0.1
Dell Venue 8 ProWin 8.1


DeviceOperating System
iPod Touch (Gen5)
iOS 7.0.6
iPod Touch (Gen4)
iOS 5.1.1
iPod Touch (Gen4)
iOS 4.2.1
Apple Watch Sport (42mm)
WatchOS 2.0
Apple Watch Sport (38mm)
WatchOS 2.0