Your website’s performance is only as reliable as the servers behind it. A site that goes down due to too much traffic will quickly become a site that gets no traffic at all.

  • Performance Test Applications & Websites Under Various Situations
  • Load Test Your Products to Test Endurance & Limitations

Reliability is the key to customer loyalty and your competition knows this. That is why it is imperative that your servers be tested for stability, scalability and performance using the latest workload simulations. Downtime is costly and if your site can’t handle the traffic, your customers will click to one that can.

Our trained personnel use the latest in sophisticated performance testing tools that can simulate thousands of virtual users hitting your servers at once.

Load Performance Testing

Beta Breakers uses the resulting data to evaluate the performance of your site under normal load (performance testing), anticipated future load (scalability testing), highly abnormal peak load (stress testing), and under uninterrupted, sustained load (endurance testing).

As load testing proceeds, you will receive regular reports detailing how your servers are responding to the imposed load.

At the same time, our experts will make recommendations to you for ways and methods to improve your site’s performance before going live.

Make no mistake. Knowing, not predicting how your servers are going to respond to the public’s demand is imperative if you are going to be successful. Hire Beta Breakers and we will provide you with all the reassurance you need to launch with confidence. All services performed in the United States.

What is the Purpose of Load / Performance Testing

The purpose of load testing is to reveal issues related to the product’s performance under extreme/non-normal operating environments (low system resources, heavy load), and also to quantify the stress level at which a system’s response significantly degrades.

What is the Methodology for Load / Performance Testing

Using sophisticated software tools, Beta Breakers stress tests an application by increasing the load on the application to any desired level. During the load, various performance measurements of the system under test are captured and documented.

This data is then analyzed to determine the overall health of the system, and to identify system bottlenecks. This data can also be used to identify the load speed at which the system’s performance begins to significantly degrade.