From simple games and learning exercises for kids to organization and time management apps for parents and medical apps for doctors, iPad mobile apps are used by a wide audience all over the world.

These games and applications are used by almost every age group and, as more and more people adopt tablets, the popularity of these apps will continue to grow.

To compete in this demanding sphere, your iPad app testing needs to be streamlined. Quality engineering for ipad mobile application is the way to unify your testing needs.

Beta Breakers provides iPad application testing & quality assurance to test your app, find problems and improve the experience of the finished product.

Even the most innovative ideas can fall flat if they are not executed properly.

AT&T is Beta Testing New Features for Its DirecTV Now ServiceAfter spending countless hours constructing your app, you need a fresh team to find the problems you might have missed.

We use a systematic approach to test, re-test and then report on every facet of your application.

By examining the user interface and controls, we find and report where problems exist for the user and clearly document our findings within a defect-tracking database.

Perfect your iPad app before releasing it for sale.

With your app polished and ready to use, your customers will give your app better ratings and share with friends and family, allowing your product to out-compete other apps.