Any successful quality assurance strategy will use a combination of automated testing and manual testing. While we at Beta Breakers will always push the benefits of automated testing, we also understand that automated testing can only go so far. For a truly bug-free product, you’ll need manual testing to root out the bugs and glitches that automated testing may overlook.

What Is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is a type of software testing executed by quality assurance testers. In other words, instead of using automated software and tools, manual testing relies on a human being to perform the required tests.

Below are just some of the many manual tests that we at Beta Breakers can perform:

Why Manual Test?

The only way to ensure that your website or application is bug-free is to use both automated and manual testing. While automated testing is efficient and can uncover many issues, it cannot find all of them. Human beings will be using your application, so you’ll need a human being to test it. By performing manual tests, you can ensure your application is user-friendly and bug-free.

To learn more about our manual testing platforms, contact Beta Breakers today. All services performed in the United States.