What did you do the last time you clicked on a website and discovered a bug?

For most companies, a website is the first and sometimes only way customers find them. Fair or not, credibility is often tied to the look, feel, and quality of a site. A website with flaws reflects badly on the company it is supposed to serve.

Hiring Beta Breakers removes the possibility of looking bad. We are website testing experts and will thoroughly test your site whether it is designed to display on desktop and/or mobile platforms.

  • Verify full functional compliance
  • Evaluate compatibility with all supported browsers and operating systems
  • Comprehensive eCommerce functionality testing

Beta Breakers maintains five separate website testing labs replete with all the browsers, browser versions, and operating systems required to test your site and uncover any hidden bugs.

website testingSeparately, our functionality testing staff has years of experience sitting down and making sure that your website application functions as designed – from complex data manipulation functionality to simple link verification to usability and flow.

As is always the case, budgets have to be maintained. As a company, we have worked hard to keep our service rates reasonable. Perhaps more importantly, however, we have set up our labs and streamlined our software testing methodologies so as to achieve our website quality assurance objectives in less time than most people expect – thereby testing within budget.

Beta Breakers is your key to releasing a great website.

Hire us and go live knowing that your site will have been thoroughly tested and is bug-free. That should make for many happy customers!

What is the Purpose of Website Testing?

The purpose of website testing is to reveal, document, and eventually resolve issues that compromise the user’s experience.

What is the Methodology for Website Testing

Depending on our customer’s requests, an experienced Beta Breakers QA team will test the site for functional compliance and/or compatibility compliance with various supported platforms. Website functionality testing is typically accomplished by exercising the site’s functionality and comparing it to documented specifications as well as the behavior a typical user might expect.

Testing a website for functional compliance may be achieved by the use of well-written test scripts and/or ad hoc testing coverage.

Website compatibility testing is achieved by first identifying the hardware/software/browser components that the product is designed to support. Beta Breakers then designs a hardware/software/browser matrix that indicates the configurations on which the product will be tested.

Then, with input from the client, Beta Breakers designs a testing script that will be sufficient to evaluate compatibility between the product and the hardware/software/browser matrix. Finally, the script is executed against the matrix, and any anomalies are investigated to determine exactly where the incompatibilities lie.