Digital marketing has quickly become one of the most important ways to reach new customers, and the importance of this marketing medium is becoming more important by the day.

Quality Assurance for Branding & Digital Advertising AgenciesAs more customers are shopping online, using apps to simplify everyday tasks, and using online searches to find goods and services, digital marketing presents the fastest conduit to reach them.

Like any online program, however, these advertisements and brand messages must be optimized for the user’s experience.

Online advertisements that hinder users will immediately turn them off to the message and advertisements that fail to create real impressions are similarly a waste of time and money.

Beta Breakers provides quality assurance and software testing for branding agencies to optimize the efficacy of digital marketing and create advertisements that successfully bring a customer to the end good or service.

This can include pop-up ad mechanics, animation and video displays, graphics, fonts and visuals, audio and other aspects a user sees, as well as back-end mechanics such as usability testing across browsers and operating systems, mobile compatibility and more.

Beta Breakers performs their services in the USA works with branding agencies and ad agencies to ensure their digital marketing strategy is effectively executed and their clients receive high-quality marketing, as well as individual businesses and websites staging their own ads.

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