When contacted by a prospective customer, one of the most common questions is: What is the process for getting a quote?  First of all, it is important to note that there is no obligation required in order to get a quote from Beta Breakers Quality Assurance Labs.  We are more than happy to review your application and provide you with a comprehensive quote.  The good news is that there are only a couple of steps to take in order to get there:

  1. We normally request a Standard Non-disclosure Agreement from our prospective customers.  That way, our customers will feel free to provide us with confidential information regarding their products.  Assuming it is boilerplate, an NDA is usually turned around within a few hours.  If our customers do not have an NDA of their own, we are happy to draft a Beta Breakers Mutual NDA.
  2. We then request access to the product.  A link will suffice if the application under test is accessible through the Internet.  If a download is required, we can provide ftp access.  Once we have access, the QA Manager then assigns our customer to a Beta Breakers Project Manager.  He/she then pores over the application and sends an email with a handful of questions.  If access to the application is not possible, we can work with functional documentation or a detailed description of the application’s functionality, though the final proposal may be a little less accurate in those cases.
  3. Once our questions have been answered, we draft the proposal.  Our proposals are very informative in that they include a detailed outline of QA objectives, milestone deliverables if applicable, scope and cost.  Proposals are generally completed no more than two days after our questions have been answered, and are sent to our customers via email.
  4. The ball now rests in our customer’s court.  We are happy to answer any questions that may arise.  If adjustments to the proposal are necessary, we make them within hours.  Once the proposal has been accepted, we await the start date.

It is that simple.  A bug database is opened on Day One of testing.  Login credentials are provided to all members of our customer’s team.  Email notifications may be set up so that team members are immediately notified when bugs are entered and/or updated.

Within hours, your development team will begin to receive the crucial information they require to vastly increase the quality of your software product.