How to Implement DevOps Into Your Organization

Every organization depends on a culture that fosters collaboration and creativity. DevOps—a portmanteau of “development” and “operations”— can accomplish just that. By removing barriers between software development and operations teams, DevOps can increase efficiency, reliability, response rate, and more. But how do you implement DevOps into your organization? Here are a few ways to get… Read more »

Understanding the Importance of Mobile Device Testing

Not long ago, desktop computers were most people’s only portals to the Internet. But in the last decade, consumers have gained access to tablets, smartphones and a host of other connected devices that have changed the way we navigate the Internet landscape. As such, the total volume of mobile search traffic has continued to grow…. Read more »

Why Should You Use Localization Testing?

Localization testing is all about making your website or app compatible with multiple regions, cultures, and languages. And in an increasingly globalized world, this matters more than you think. Most likely, you will have people from all around the world using your application, and you will have to accommodate their needs just like users from… Read more »