Artificial Intelligence for Bug Fixing Reaches a Milestone

It has long been a dream of software testers to have an artificial intelligence bot that can identify software bugs and subsequently create patches faster and better than a human coder. Well, as of October, researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and University of Lille in France claim to be one step… Read more »

Optimize Quality Coding with Automated Testing

Throughout 2017, Chrome, Firefox and Safari released browser updates at least six times. As browsers update every 45 to 90 days, legacy and newly-released websites need to be tested for compatibility and performance. Rather than composing creative and engaging new content, developers and QA teams can be distracted by the need to manually test for… Read more »

Microsoft Will Begin Charging for Windows 7 Support in 2020

When Windows 10 first launched in July 2015, Microsoft announced that it would offer free upgrades from Windows 7 and 8 in an attempt to lure users away from these aging operating systems. Then, a year later, the company effectively began forcing users to adopt Windows 10 by automatically updating their systems without first gaining… Read more »