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How to Achieve Continuous Quality for Your App

How to Achieve Continuous Quality for Your App

No app is perfect on launch. Even if there are no bugs, there is always room for improvement. Speed, efficiency, and new, in-demand features are just some of the improvements you will have to make as more people use your product. This can be done through continuous quality improvements.   Continuous quality refers to the… Read more »

Study Finds Web Apps Are Often Weak Links in Security Strategies

As browser-based applications continue to mature and offer new features that rival those of native apps, more organizations are using custom web apps to help manage their day-to-day operations. Although these web apps are powerful tools in the modern business ecosystem, they may also constitute security risks according to a recent study conducted by multinational… Read more »

Google Is Making It Easier to Develop Cross-Platform Apps

For startups and small businesses with limited resources, developing a mobile application for multiple platforms simultaneously can be downright impossible. That’s why small development companies typically release their applications on one platform first, and then release them on others later. Thanks to a new open-source toolkit from Google, however, it soon could become much easier… Read more »