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Config Boards vs. Standalone Systems for Compatibility Testing

Over the years we’ve conducted innumerable PC hardware compatibility tests. Originally, this was a service that was almost exclusive to video games, but now includes standalone applications and professional software as well (although games are still a big driver). In general, we’ve used two approaches to hardware compatibility testing: so-called ‘config boards’ and standalone systems…. Read more »

New Lab Hardware: Windows PCs & an iPhone 8

Once again, we’ve added additional testing hardware to our QA labs, including a couple of new Windows PCs and our first iPhone 8. The iPhone is a no-brainer—we do a ton of mobile device testing, and most developers are keen on testing the latest Apple devices, given their high profile. We’ll doubtless add a couple… Read more »

Back from the Scrapyard

We often purchase new hardware to stay current, but we’re not above cannibalizing systems that break down in the line of duty, or even rebuilding them if enough components remain viable. We are continually adding new (and occasionally rebuilt) hardware to our inventory. One of our main compatibility testing systems (a Dell Alienware Aurora R3… Read more »