Why Compatibility Testing is Important

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The last thing you want is a website that won’t work on certain browsers or an app that won’t properly display on a certain brand of phone. You may think that the above situations are just a “keep your fingers crossed” situation, but there are ways to ensure these things don’t happen. Specialized testing, called Compatibility Testing, ensures these problems are avoided and eradicated. Compatibility testing is an important part of any development and should be utilized with each project.

Before we dive into why is important, let’s address what exactly compatibility testing is.

Compatibility testing is: ensuring that software, websites, and applications work with updates, systems, different devices, and browsers. Compatibility testing ensures users can access your website or use your app regardless of their device and operating system.

There are three specific types:

  • Browsers
    • Browser compatibility testing assesses if a website works on a range of browsers. 
  • Devices 
    • Mobile device compatibility testing assesses how well your website or app displays on different mobile devices and operating systems. 
  • Systems 
    • System compatibility testing is a hardware test that determines compatibility between hardware components (like Ram and GPU and a piece of software). 

On top of all these, here at Beta Breakers, we also will evaluate performance with metrics and screenshots.

Back to the topic at hand, why is important? Below are some of the main reasons why!

Complete Customer Satisfaction

You want your customers to be completely satisfied with your product. That will be tough if one client can access your website just fine, but another client cannot due to their browser. By utilizing compatibility testing you ensure that each part of your product is up and running as it should, across all devices, browsers, and software.

Successful Launches

One of the main benefits, in conjunction with other forms of testing, is that it greatly improves, if not guarantees, a completely successful launch! A successful launch is not only great for clients and customers, but for your company! It boosts morale and adds vigor.  It shows that the time spent working testing was worth the effort – and it shows what you want to do for your next endeavor!

When developing your software, you want a reliable and knowledgeable team to assist you with all of your testing and quality assurance needs. And that is where we here at Beta Breakers come in!

Since 1981 we have been learning, growing, and perfecting the art of quality assurance. To learn more, or to get started, visit us online or call us at 415.878.2990.  For informative reads like this one, check out our blog

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