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Lab Hardware Update: New iOS and Android Phones

Happy New Year everyone!  Santa was nice to us and brought us a handful of new mobile devices during the holiday season, and we’re happy to share them with anyone needing compatibility testing.  We now have the following devices available in our lab inventory: Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone 8 Plus Google Pixel 2 Samsung… Read more »

Back from the Scrapyard

We often purchase new hardware to stay current, but we’re not above cannibalizing systems that break down in the line of duty, or even rebuilding them if enough components remain viable. We are continually adding new (and occasionally rebuilt) hardware to our inventory. One of our main compatibility testing systems (a Dell Alienware Aurora R3… Read more »

Beta Breakers Usability Testing vs. Public Betas

Having been in business for more than three decades now, we have sometimes been asked about the difference between our usability reviews and public beta organizations. Our customers are surprised to hear that in most cases, our QA Engineers perform comprehensive usability reviews while concurrently completing both functionality and cross-platform compatibility testing. The reason is… Read more »