Macintosh systems are widely considered to be leaders in the technology field, known for their intuitive, streamlined operating system, superior hardware and innovative applications. When designing software for Mac systems, customers expect the same level of streamlined precision they receive from their device and from other Apple apps. To compete in this sphere, rigorous testing is required. Our Apple (Mac) testing hardware for software QA includes a variety of Mac devices with varying levels of processing power, so we can inspect your product’s performance at every level.

Though Mac devices are quickly gaining popularity, Apple computers still represent a minority market compared to PC devices. Appealing to the widest possible market is essential to launch your software successfully and ensuring your product complements many different Apple devices and helps you reach the widest audience. We use Apple testing hardware with the highest level of performance as well as standard Apple computers and the most basic Apple devices. By systematically testing your software across a range of devices and reporting at every stage, you can see how your software performs in concert with different technology.

Learn more about our Apple testing hardware and methods for software QA. Contact us today to set up an appointment. All services performed in the United States.

21" iMac (Mid 2017)3400 MHz Core i5-75008 GBAMD Radeon Pro 560
Mac Pro (Mid 2010)2800 MHz Xeon W35308 GBATI Radeon HD5770
21" iMac (Late 2015)2800 MHz Core i5-5575R8 GBIntel Iris Pro 6200
13" MacBook Pro (Early 2015)2700 MHz Core i5-5257U8 GBIntel Iris 6100
13" MacBook Pro (Early 2015)2700 MHz Core i5-5257U8 GBIntel Iris 6100
Mac Pro (Early 2009)2666 MHz Xeon W352012 GBATI Radeon HD5770
13" MacBook Pro (Mid 2014)2600 MHz Core i5-4278U8 GBIntel Iris 5100
Mac Mini (Late 2014)2600 MHz Core i5-4278U16 GBIntel Iris 5100
15" MacBook Pro (Late 2008)2533 MHz Core 2 Duo T94004 GBnVidia GeForce 9600M GT
21" iMac (Mid 2011)2500 MHz Core i5-2400S4 GBATI Radeon HD 6750M
20" iMac (Mid 2007)2400 MHz Core 2 Duo T77002 GBATI Radeon HD2600 Pro
13" MacBook (Late 2008)2400 MHz Core 2 Duo P86004 GBnVidia GeForce 9400M
Mac Mini (Mid 2010)2400 MHz Core 2 Duo P86004 GBnVidia GeForce 320M
Mac Mini (Mid 2010)2400 MHz Core 2 Duo P86004 GBnVidia GeForce 320M
Mac Mini (Mid 2010)2400 MHz Core 2 Duo P86008 GBnVidia GeForce 320M
15" MacBook Pro (Mid 2012)2300 MHz Core i7-3615QM8 GBnVidia GeForce GT650M
Mac Mini (Late 2012)2300 MHz Core i7-3615QM16 GBIntel HD Graphics 4000
13" MacBook Pro (Mid 2017)2300 MHz Core i5-7360U8 GBIntel Iris Plus 640
Mac Mini (Mid 2011)2300 MHz Core i5-2410M4 GBIntel HD Graphics 3000
15" MacBook Pro (Mid 2015)2200 MHz Core i7-4770HQ16 GBIntel Iris Pro 5200
15" MacBook Pro (Early 2011)2200 MHz Core i7-2720QM4 GBAMD Radeon HD6750M
24" iMac (Late 2006)2166 MHz Core 2 Duo T74002 GBnVidia GeForce 7300GT
13" MacBook (Late 2007)2000 MHz Core 2 Duo T73002 GBIntel GMA X3100
Mac Mini (Mid 2007)2000 MHz Core 2 Duo T72002 GBIntel GMA950
Mac Mini (Early 2009)2000 MHz Core 2 Duo P73502 GBnVidia GeForce 9400M
Mac Mini (Early 2009)2000 MHz Core 2 Duo P73504 GBnVidia GeForce 9400M
13" MacBook Air (Mid 2011)1700 MHz Core i5-2557M4 GBIntel HD Graphics 3000
Mac Mini (Late 2006)1666 MHz Core Duo T23001 GBIntel GMA950