Whether you have a website or mobile app, you will be constantly updating and changing it to keep it current with the times. However, every change you make will impact various aspects of your application. Even if it’s a relatively small update, it can still have an effect on seemingly unrelated parts of your application. This is where regression testing comes in.

What Is Regression Testing?

Regression testing is a manual or automated testing activity performed specifically when you have added changes or updates to your application. After implementing your changes, you will use a regression test to determine if your application still functions as it should, or if the changes have created new bugs.

Why Should You Use Regression Testing?

Regression testing is crucial for any kind of software that will go through changes or updates after launch. In the modern world, most applications fall under this category. After all, many apps, websites, and even video games go through updates to accommodate technological changes, aesthetic changes, and more.

Regression testing will ensure that those updates won’t break your application by detecting any problems before the update is released to the public.

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