Android apps testing provides a wide range of versatility and complexity.

For apps targeting a worldwide audience, Android is the chosen platform, with over 80% of users worldwide using Android. Because of its wide popularity and wide range of uses, Android apps must be tested carefully to be successfully released.

Beta Breakers provides Android mobile application testing and quality assurance to eliminate problems with your app and get it ready for release.

With so many Android apps on the market, it is vital to conduct proper testing to your app before release.

Study Finds Consumers Are Wary of Emerging Cyber ThreatsIf your app does not perform at top speed, if customers find a bug or run into a wall when using your app, they will use another app instead.

Our team addresses every component of your android app testing individually and as a whole so we can find any problems or inconsistencies.

We use your goals and needs for your app to find weak areas and report them.

If you are having trouble with particular functions, or there are parts of your app that are paramount to its success, we will look at these areas first and let you know how best to improve the user experience.

Complete your Android app and get it ready for release. Contact us to learn more about product testing and quality assurance. All services performed in the United States.