When your company is faced with the decision to either hire an in-house staff member or choose a third-party company for software quality assurance, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. While the size of your company will greatly affect this decision, it’s also important to look at how much an in-house employee will be used and if that is the most cost-efficient option.

Some short and long term aspects involved with an in-house employee include:

Recruitment/Replacement Costs – The process of finding the most qualified employee for your company can be both timely and costly. Additionally, if that employee resigns from that position the process will have to be painfully repeated.

Work Space – It’s recommended that your software quality assurance staff be segregated from any design and development staff so that they can remain objective.

Insurance – Keep in mind burden costs associated with liability, workers compensation and health/dental insurance.

Taxes – Employer taxes must be paid over and above the employee’s rate of compensation.

Equipment – Probably one of the most important and costly aspects of an in-house employee is the infrastructure and equipment required for them to do their job. This can involve new hardware such as computers and mobile devices (both iOS and Android phones and tablets), as well as office equipment such as productivity software and office supplies (licensed operating systems, browsers, and third-party plugins).

By choosing to work with a third-party, software quality assurance company such as Beta Breakers, you’re cutting down on time, cost and liability. Outsourcing for software quality assurance also gives you the option to only utilize services on an “as needed” basis which has proven to be the most cost-efficient option.

You are deeply concerned about the quality of your software product.  Otherwise, you would not be visiting our website.  As a company, we are always happy to demonstrate our formidable quality assurance talents to a new customer.  You however must decide to hire us.  So the question becomes: Why hire Beta Breakers?  Put another way, what differentiates Beta Breakers from other companies?

Why hire Beta Breakers as your outsource QA team?

There are a host of reasons why Beta Breakers is a great choice for providing you with the software testing support you need:

Flexibility – We long ago appreciated the fact that in the software industry, schedules are fluid.  Milestone deliverables slip and we must be flexible in our assignment of resources.  If it isn’t quite ready when originally scheduled, give us a little notice and we will await a new start date.

Longevity – Beta Breakers has been serving the quality assurance needs of the world for more than 25 years.

Responsiveness – The Project Managers here know that you want results – and you want them yesterday.  Accordingly, proposals are composed within days.  Once approved, resources and hardware are set aside straightaway and testing begins.  Your assigned Project Manager responds to your every request.  You will not have to ask for anything twice.

Talented, tenured, and trained testers – Beta Breakers’ testers are well-trained in very effective software testing methodologies.  Furthermore, employee turnover here is low.  Your assigned testers will each likely have thousands of hours of experience testing software similar to yours.

No outsourcing – All of our services are performed by our own staff here in a controlled, laboratory environment.  We do not outsource to foreign lands nor do we hire temporary labor.

Great labs –Testers cannot be “great” without great lab support.  Our labs are some of the most technologically comprehensive in the world.  With regards specifically to mobile device testing, it is important to note that we test on physical devices and not emulators.  Testing on actual devices removes unwanted variables from the quality assurance process.

Easy to get started – We do not require much in the way of paperwork to be in position to start testing.  A simple proposal/contract is all.  Beyond that, just tell us what you need and we will assign the appropriate resources to getting the job done.