What is Software Quality Assurance?

Software Quality Assurance is defined by the activities that monitor, measure, evaluate and validate the processes used to create software.

Does Every Software Program need Testers?

Absolutely. Testing for quality is paramount to the success of any software product. Without proper QA, the chances for success diminish significantly.

What is a Test Plan?

A test plan is a document that details the approach to testing a software product. Test plans provide needed guidelines for any tester or test team and ensure that every facet of the software functionality is tested.

How Can Usability Testing Help Me?

Usability testing measures a software application’s ease of use. As such, it is integral to the software’s perceived quality. Even the most interesting and marketable software product will suffer in popularity if it exhibits cumbersome usability.

Why Does Software Have Bugs?

Software is created by humans and humans make mistakes. Also, even simple software applications usually involve an appreciable number of working parts or units, each of which consists of many lines of complex computer code. Individual units do not always integrate well and bugs are created as a result.

How Can Websites be Tested?

Websites can be tested by professional software testers who evaluate the functionality and system compatibility of the website and compare what they see against what they expect to see. Complex websites may be tested with the use of automation tools that mitigate the manual effort in the future.

What is Software Quality?

Software quality is the adherence of software to its requirements.

What is a Beta Tester?

A Beta tester is someone who tests the Beta release of a software application. They can be professional testers or members of the software’s target audience.

How do I Apply for a Job at Beta Breakers?

Go to the Company / Careers page and follow the appropriate link to email your resume to Beta Breakers.

What Makes a Good Software Tester?

Good software testers have good attention to detail, can communicate effectively, are persistent, creative and are passionate about finding bugs. Beyond these qualities, the more experience a tester has, the better the tester becomes.

How does one Become a Software QA Tester?

Become familiar with software development concepts. Hone your eye for detail. Research what software testing is all about. Gain rudimentary knowledge regarding popular automation tools.