Beta Breakers provides Compatibility Testing for Mobile Devices & Software

Is your software ready for the next new operating system?

Technology is constantly evolving and progressing. The release of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system underscores the importance of compatibility testing. Software and applications that worked well in earlier versions of an operating system may not perform so well with the latest. We are here to help you discover if this is the case for you and your products. In addition, our staff is knowledgeable in supporting older OS’s such as Windows Vista and Windows XP so we can test your products for compliance with legacy systems. We will test your software, website or application for compatibilty with:

  • Browsers – All major browser versions covering over 99% of the market
  • Devices – Dozens of Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices
  • Systems – Physical systems both new and old
  • Evaluate performance with metrics and screenshots

Beta Breakers is also well versed in the latest from the other side of the computer world, Mac OS and Linux.

software compatibility testingWe have always been a Mac-savvy QA resource but our customers’ Mac-OS testing demands have greatly expanded since the release of Mac OS X and the switch from PowerPC to Intel architecture.

Testing your software or website for hardware compatibility is where Beta Breakers really shines. We have five distinct labs within our facilities. Each is separate, secure and equipped with a wide range of operating systems and hardware. Plainly speaking, if your goal is to know that your product is compatible with the world’s technology, you can hire no better resource than Beta Breakers. With all of the equipment and experience at our disposal, our staff is more than qualified to take your product and test it against every browser, operating system and platform that meets minimum specifications.

Please take it from us. The world is not the place to test your software or website for system compatibility.

Hire Beta Breakers and know for a fact that, once launched, your product will function virtually everywhere.

You are welcome to provide us with your requests for a comprehensive compatibility sweep or you can trust our testing experts to create a compatibility matrix for you

Finally it is important to acknowledge that cost is always a concern. We submit to you that our labs are so organized and our internal compatibility testing methodologies so streamlined that we have become very cost-effective. Our clients are pleasantly surprised to discover that we can provide effective coverage well within their budgetary limits.

Contact us about Mobile Device & Software Compatibility Testing and we will surprise you with our highly competitive service rates.

What is the Purpose of Compatibility Testing?

The purpose of compatibility testing for software and mobile devices is to reveal issues related to the product’s interaction with other software (operating systems, browsers, installed applications) as well as hardware (video cards, sound cards, processors).

What is the Methodology for Compatibility Testing?

We evaluate product compatibility by first identifying the hardware/software/browser components that the product is designed to support.

Then we design a hardware/software/browser matrix that indicates the configurations on which the product will be tested. With input from the client, we design a testing script that will be sufficient to evaluate compatibility between the product and the hardware/software/browser matrix.

Finally, the script is executed against the matrix, and any anomalies are investigated to determine exactly where the incompatibilities lie. Complete the form so that we can start on your project needs.