It is not enough to throw a few PC’s into an office and call yourself a test lab.  A true quality assurance lab possesses the hardware, people, and track record to thoroughly test any software product.  And there is simply no substitute for the experience gained from testing thousands of products. For nearly three decades, we have honed our software testing methodologies so finely that they have become second nature. Our test engineers can almost “feel” when something is not right.

Our customers typically do not have the resources nor do they have the time to maintain lab environments complete enough to supply themselves with adequate platform-compatibility coverage. Beta Breakers’ labs are loaded with the latest in technology, operating systems, and peripherals necessary to ensure that our staff has the mobile and desktop software application tools to test your products and test them well. Furthermore, if we do not have what you need, we will often get it. Procuring and organizing computer technology is a part of our daily lives and our customers benefit from our extensive efforts. We have maintained vendor and manufacturer relationships that keep us swimming in technology.

From enterprise business applications to games, from websites to multimedia, and from platform to platform, we possess the right technology, tools, and testing methodologies to do the job.