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Report: Software Failures Caused $1.7 Trillion in Losses Last Year

Software testing is an investment that can save companies valuable time and money in the long run. In some cases, however, businesses try to cut corners by rushing products to market that haven’t been adequately tested for bugs, compatibility issues and security flaws. More often than not, these short-sighted decisions come back to haunt them…. Read more »

Lab Hardware Update: New iOS and Android Phones

Happy New Year everyone!  Santa was nice to us and brought us a handful of new mobile devices during the holiday season, and we’re happy to share them with anyone needing compatibility testing.  We now have the following devices available in our lab inventory: Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone 8 Plus Google Pixel 2 Samsung… Read more »

Twitter Is Making It Easier to Send “Tweetstorms”

After expanding its character count limit to 280, Twitter is beta testing another new feature in response to emerging patterns of user behavior. Recently, the company confirmed that users will soon be able to publish strings of connected texts with a “Tweet All” button embedded in the app’s UI. Currently, users must manually compose these… Read more »