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Here’s Why Usability Testing Is So Important

Website design concept

No matter who you talk to, almost everyone will agree that having a website or mobile app that is user-friendly and functional is essential to success. And yet, too few people put in the time and effort to accomplish that. They skip over things such as usability testing, believing it’s a time/cost sink. But usability… Read more »

User Experience vs. User Interface Design

User Experience vs. User Interface Design

When designing a website or mobile app, two things are key: user experience and user interface design. They can often make the difference for your application, drawing in or driving away potential customers. Nevertheless, people often confuse the two for the same thing. Here we discuss what user experience and user interface designs are, and… Read more »

Usability Testing Methodologies

While quality assurance testers have always provided usability testing feedback as “part and parcel” of their everyday QA testing, they have also begun to branch out and provide more specific feedback. As part of this, QA testers are employing some methodologies that differ from their usual QA testing practices: Specific, written, test instructions to be… Read more »