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Demystifying Testing: A Comprehensive Guide to Quality Assurance Testing

Futuristic hologram display saying "quality assurance" with a man in a suit pointing to it

If you’re not in the business of quality assurance testing, or it is your first time seeking a company to help with it, the terms and the tests are likely confusing. We get it! Even if you’re in a related field, you may not know the specifics- and that’s alright! Beta Breakers is here to… Read more »

3 Reasons Why You Still Need Manual Testing

3 Reasons Why You Still Need Manual Testing

Automated testing is fast and efficient, providing a cost-effective way to test your website or mobile app. While automated testing is extremely useful, it causes some people to believe that they can get away with only performing automated testing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Manual testing is an essential QA testing method that… Read more »