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Why Should You Use Localization Testing?

Why Should You Use Localization Testing

Localization testing is all about making your website or app compatible with multiple regions, cultures, and languages. And in an increasingly globalized world, this matters more than you think. Most likely, you will have people from all around the world using your application, and you will have to accommodate their needs just like users from… Read more »

Sanity Testing vs. Smoke Testing

Sanity Testing vs. Smoke Testing

Sanity testing and smoke testing are two of the most commonly used software testing methodologies. They’re also among the most misunderstood. Many confuse them with each other, or with regression testing, but in reality, they are two different types of testing methodologies that are used at different stages of the testing cycle. Read on to… Read more »

Hardware Lab Feedback From Our Readers

We often post about new additions to our hardware testing inventory, QA methodology, or even what we do with our retired systems. This time, we’d like to turn it around a little: What would you like to see in our hardware inventory? Different systems? More video cards? Apple Watches? Printers? VR Headsets? Let us know!… Read more »