Why Should You Use Localization Testing?

Localization testing is all about making your website or app compatible with multiple regions, cultures, and languages. And in an increasingly globalized world, this matters more than you think. Most likely, you will have people from all around the world using your application, and you will have to accommodate their needs just like users from your own country. Here are just a few reasons why localization testing is worth it:

Most people prefer their native languagesWhy Should You Use Localization Testing

According to recent data, 72.1% of online users prefer to use websites in their native language. And who can blame them? Many people across the world are not bilingual, and even if they are that doesn’t mean they’re completely fluent in the other language. Using websites and apps in their own languages makes it easier for users, improving UX design.

Opens up global opportunities

Localization testing can be hard work. After all, you’ll need to hire translators, coders, and more for each individual language and region. But this investment will be well worth it. By giving global communities access to your product, you’ll be opening up greater opportunities for your business.


Localization testing is scalable. This means that you have the ability to expand your product whenever you feel the time is right. When you work on localization during the development stage, you are making it possible to expand your product into different regions further down the line. This will save you time in the long run, as then you won’t have to worry about creating localization from scratch. The building blocks will already be there.

At Beta Breakers, we can help institute localization testing for your app or website. To learn more, contact us today.

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