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The Ultimate Guide to Software Bugs

Application development process for testing and debugging. Antivirus software for catching bugs. Debugging, programming and coding to create apps. Programmer building websites. Vector illustration

Whether it’s a website or a mobile app, every type of software will deal with its fair share of bugs. Software bugs are inevitable. Why? Because software is made by humans, and humans are hardly perfect. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to reduce both the number and severity of bugs you encounter. Here,… Read more »

Bug Reporting: How to Write and Understand Bug Reports

Every person involved in the creation of an app or website will have to deal with bugs. And we don’t mean the creepy crawlies. We mean the software bugs that plague every good website or mobile app. Bugs, much like their creepy-crawly cousins, are impossible to avoid. Every device, every website, and every app are… Read more »

Severity vs. Priority in Bug Writing

Severity vs. Priority in Bug Writing

A bugbase is a vital part of your QA testing, keeping a record of all issues that have appeared in your software. When analyzing these bugs, quality assurances testers use two types of terms: severity and priority. While people often confuse these terms as the same, they have their own meanings: Severity – how serious a bug… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence for Bug Fixing Reaches a Milestone

It has long been a dream of software testers to have an artificial intelligence bot that can identify software bugs and subsequently create patches faster and better than a human coder. Well, as of October, researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and University of Lille in France claim to be one step… Read more »